Ringing the Bells

Another FOREVER long arm sequence, and right in the very beginning. I had to pause several times. Finally, it ended, and I could relax in the corpse pose, very fitting, because it is a miracle I survived those arm movements.

I have to take a break to finish the rest. I have two hungry girls wanting me to make lunch, and I still have 20 minutes in the Ringing the Bells video.

There is a plus side, however. Making my daughters’ their lunch, I made myself a plate of spinach, cheese, tomatoes, with white wine vinegar, olive oil, and sea salt (all of it organic and some of it local). I enjoyed my plate of healthy food thoroughly. After 500+ arm movements, I wasn’t about to blow it on macaroni and cheese!

Completing the Ringing of the Bells feels great! I feel more flexible, and I am breathing deeper breaths without that tight pulling I had prior. Before the video, it hurt to turn my head to the left. Now I can turn my head to the left without pain. Strangely, what healed my neck the best were the last leg sequences. I had to modify them to fit my flexibility, however, I felt the stretches! My goodness, I felt the stretches. Then, my head turned to the left without the pinching pain! Amazing.

I am determined to be up to date with my days by tomorrow. I will complete Oh My Healthy Back video tonight, and then tomorrow morning I will do Short Sets and For Energy & Super Radiance! And I will be up to date, and back on track with one Raviana Kundalini Yoga a morning. Monday is day 7 Green Energy of the Heart. I was thinking that starting Monday I would like to include a brisk 30 minute walk after the Kundalini Yoga, before I hop up and get ready for work.

Sat Nam 🙂


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