Oh My Healthy Back

Wow. That is just what I needed. I may do this video before every video from now on. This really opened my tight back and shoulders and neck. The pinch in my neck had returned in the night, and this took care of it. Oh, it feels great. I love this one. I highly recommend this video to Everyone!

I’ve also noticed my legs are more flexible. I can touch my toes. This is very good progress.

I did a child’s pose after the downward dog/plank sequence, and I noticed that I could go deeper in the pose than I could yesterday. I also felt excited about how thinner I was feeling. There was less resistance between my chest and knees.

I’m still a few videos behind. To catch up I have Short Sets and Super Radiance. I think what I will do is the Short Sets video today when we return from church. Then tomorrow I will do Super Radiance and Green Energy. I remember I use to really enjoy doing Super Radiance. It has been many years! Green Heart, too, is wonderful. I have vague memories of them.

I look forward to being a more consistent RaviAna Living Room client again, like I once was, once upon a time. All things return to us in one way or another. I am very happy I have decided to do this blog. It is helping keep me on track. I have few views, but that is ok. Perhaps someday someone will read this blog and feel inspired. I want to take care of my body now and undue years I wasn’t taking care of me. Perhaps someone will read that sentence and say: ME TOO. That someone will see I am changing to better me, and that someone will say: I WILL TOO.

Love the Journey. Sat Nam, God Bless, Namaste


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