Day 1 Rise & Shine

I awoke this morning to birds chirping.  And then the second thing I noticed was my cat Annie on my legs, purring.  I reached my hand back to pet her, and I glanced at the clock.  5 a.m.  I had the alarm set for 5:30.   A part of me which I call “The Destroyer” because this part of me resists healing, was screaming Go Back to Sleep!   You have 30 more minutes!  I know this part of myself, and I chose to wake up.  I pulled the covers off, noticed my youngest daughter Thea had crawled into bed with me, and I pulled the covers over her, turned off my alarm, went to the bathroom, washed hands and brushed my teeth, and fed my grateful cat.  I wanted to take a shower, but I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to do it.  I poured myself some water, and the first thing I started with was Our Father prayer.

Then I felt inspired to also pray the Serenity prayer.

I turned on the computer, logged in to my Raviana site, and began my Rise and Shine video.  Maybe it is my computer, but there was a lot of skipping.  I was disappointed about that.  However, I finished the A.M. portion of the video.  I had thought it was ONLY the A.M. yet it does include the P.M. section, and I will do that tonight.

I won’t say I felt it was easy.  My back is very tight.  Some of the stretches downright hurt, and I couldn’t go nearly as low in some stretches as Ana Brett, obviously!  However, I did stretch as far as my body would allow, and I did feel some opening and releasing.  The tightness was to be expected.  I probably will be working that out for some time.  My back feels like when you put a clay face mask on and it hardens and you can’t move your mouth anymore.  That is the best description I can think of this early.  I think you understand.  Instead of feeling down about it, I was a bit excited.  I thought, I will cycle back around to this video on Day 16, and I wonder how different I will feel in these poses?

Sometimes the hardest part of healing is quieting the destroyer down and showing up for the Light.  I feel blessed.  I am grateful for today.

XOXO Namaste 🙂



100 Days people.  100 consecutive days.

I once was a regular Raviana Kundalini Yoga intermediate Living Room client.  I was proud to wake up in the morning and put in one of their DVDs and complete it!  That was before Thea.  My four year old love who is sad tonight for forgetting her favorite stuffed animal at day care.  My body went haywire when I was pregnant with Thea.  I contributed to this with emotional eating, and once I saw how overweight I was becoming and how unhealthy I was feeling and how bloated and miserable I was, I didn’t do anything to counter the inevitable.  I remember after Thea was born, maybe a few months old, I sat on the couch exhausted, overweight, sad, and I felt as though my soul could leave, just like that, leave my worn out body.  I thought: If I keep on like this I will die too early.  I still feel this way, yet I haven’t changed.  I am still overweight.  I am still emotionally eating.  I am still exhausted, even after a lot of coffee and chai tea during the day.  I come home from work and nap.  Well, all this is over now.  Starting today.  Today is day # 1 in my 30 Day Arbonne cleanse.

However, I don’t have a work out plan.  I have tried other yoga.  I have done Pilates.  I have weight lifted.  I have attended Zumba, super fun of course, but not feasible fore my daily life.  I miss being HAPPY in the morning.  I miss waking up and thinking YAY I get to do another Raviana Kundalini Yoga!  I was happy because I knew it would feel good and inspiring.  My body is different now.  I’m not flexible, and I’m still overweight.  I’ll just need to work at this more than I had to back then, before my second pregnancy five years ago.  I’ve had some LIFE happen between then and now.  That is OK.  I will do what I can the best that I can every day.

Why 100 days?  I like the number, 100.  It is an entire season.  100 days from now will bring me into Autumn.  That feels right.

I’ve pulled out all my Raviana Kundalini Yoga.  Ravi Singh and Ana Brett.  Well, the ones I have left.  I have given some away over the years, with a sigh, “Oh once upon a time I was able to do this.”  Plus I purchased some of their streaming videos.  My reluctant ten year old daughter brought me the calendar from the kitchen, annoyed by Thea’s little sissy behavior.  I’m going to give you my daily plan with the first 15 day segments, because I have 5 streaming videos and 10 DVDs.  I happen to appreciate that the last day of the month of May will be my 15 day completion.  I love going into June with a Raviana Kundalini Yoga body, heart, and spirit.

First 15 days:

  1. Tuesday 5-17-16: Rise and Shine A.M. streaming video
  2. Wednesday 5-18-16 Transformation streaming video
  3. Thursday 5-19-16 Ringing the Bells streaming video
  4. Friday 5-20-16 Oh My Healthy Back streaming video
  5. Saturday 5-21-16 Short Sets for Inspiration streaming video
  6. Sunday 5-22-16 For Energy & Super Radiance DVD
  7. Monday 5-23-16 Green Energy of the Heart DVD
  8. Tuesday 5-24-16 Happy Hormones DVD
  9. Wednesday 5-25-16 Dance the Chakras DVD
  10. Thursday 5-26-16 Dr. Yoga House Call DVD
  11. Friday 5-27-16 For Beginners and Beyond DVD
  12. Saturday 5-28-16 Yoga Bliss Hips DVD
  13. Sunday 5-29-16 Yoga Beauty Body DVD
  14. Monday 5-30-16 Journey Through the Chakras DVD
  15. Tuesday 5-31-16 Fat Free Yoga Cleanse DVD