Day 1 Rise & Shine

I awoke this morning to birds chirping.  And then the second thing I noticed was my cat Annie on my legs, purring.  I reached my hand back to pet her, and I glanced at the clock.  5 a.m.  I had the alarm set for 5:30.   A part of me which I call “The Destroyer” because this part of me resists healing, was screaming Go Back to Sleep!   You have 30 more minutes!  I know this part of myself, and I chose to wake up.  I pulled the covers off, noticed my youngest daughter Thea had crawled into bed with me, and I pulled the covers over her, turned off my alarm, went to the bathroom, washed hands and brushed my teeth, and fed my grateful cat.  I wanted to take a shower, but I just didn’t feel like I had the energy to do it.  I poured myself some water, and the first thing I started with was Our Father prayer.

Then I felt inspired to also pray the Serenity prayer.

I turned on the computer, logged in to my Raviana site, and began my Rise and Shine video.  Maybe it is my computer, but there was a lot of skipping.  I was disappointed about that.  However, I finished the A.M. portion of the video.  I had thought it was ONLY the A.M. yet it does include the P.M. section, and I will do that tonight.

I won’t say I felt it was easy.  My back is very tight.  Some of the stretches downright hurt, and I couldn’t go nearly as low in some stretches as Ana Brett, obviously!  However, I did stretch as far as my body would allow, and I did feel some opening and releasing.  The tightness was to be expected.  I probably will be working that out for some time.  My back feels like when you put a clay face mask on and it hardens and you can’t move your mouth anymore.  That is the best description I can think of this early.  I think you understand.  Instead of feeling down about it, I was a bit excited.  I thought, I will cycle back around to this video on Day 16, and I wonder how different I will feel in these poses?

Sometimes the hardest part of healing is quieting the destroyer down and showing up for the Light.  I feel blessed.  I am grateful for today.

XOXO Namaste 🙂